When do you want to know?

By using safe temperature readings, the processs of Cancer can be seen years before the process becomes a presence - a 'something' seen by a Mammogram - radiation testing. The Thermogram is first - it will tell you when to get a Mammogram or a different test such as MRI, CT or US.

Get a Safe Thermogram First.

Full body scanning: (see Product 1 for image)

Scanning the entire body provides baseline data for managing the total health of the body. Recording the temperatures from head to toes shows the status of bodily systems such as the circulatory system, the nervous system, the muscular system, the lymphatic system, as well as demonstrating postural stress patterns. For Doctors of Chiropractic, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists, the images reveal underlying blockages, tension, inflammation, arthritis, spasm, subluxations, and degeneration. Because there is no radiation, Thermography is an excellent means to monitor progress and response to care.

Full Body Scan - $499.00   Insurance is not required.


Breast Scan - or regional scan: (see product 2 for image)

These views show the breasts, back, and neck. Regional or area scanning can display and monitor conditions that signal changes or adaptations in key areas - such as the lymphatic system in the breasts. There is no earlier testing available. Safe, non-touch, Thermography captures the infrared energy given off by the body - there is absolutely NO danger in taking the temperature. The very first signal that the Cancer growth process has started is an increase in heat. This is due to what is known as Angiogenesis. (see Angiogenesis) This point of detection is nearly a decade before current methods such as Mammography. Finally - some good news in the battle against breast cancer. By seeing cancer at the start, patients have time to alter their lifestyle, making necessary changes in order to clean, detoxify, and restore normal conditions to the cells.

Breast Scan - $249.00   Insurance is not required.