It is so easy, safe, and comfortable.

By using safe temperature readings, the processs of Cancer can be seen years before the process becomes a presence - a 'something' seen by a Mammogram - radiation testing. The Thermogram is first - it will tell you when to get a Mammogram or a different test such as MRI, CT or US.

Get a Safe Thermogram First.

Patient Instructions for taking a Thermogram are found on page 1 of each form.

In order to obtain the best images, please follow the instructions. It is important to not use lotions, creams, deodorants, make-up, or to have therapy or massage directly before a Thermogram. Even coffee too soon before can alter the normal physiology. These precautions are for your benefit and enable us to provide the highest level of service. 

We recognize the fact that Thermography is cutting-edge and that we are still on the 'new' side of this technological breakthrough. So we compliment you for your insight, your personal research into health, and for your courage to step out of the mainstream. But it is your self-determinism that will lead you to success in learning how to live in our modern toxic world and avoid the new epidemic toxic diseases.  

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