You are in control of your life.

By using safe temperature readings, the processs of Cancer can be seen years before the process becomes a presence - a 'something' seen by a Mammogram - radiation testing. The Thermogram is first - it will tell you when to get a Mammogram or a different test such as MRI, CT or US.

Get a Safe Thermogram First.

Save your friends and family from Cancer and make money at home.













THERMOGRAPHY CENTERS of Colorado offers a unique opportunity to people to serve others and serve themselves. Rather than invest in corporate advertising in mainstream media outlets, we have decided to invest in the people who are helping grow our business. Save friends and family from Cancer and make money at home.

Our program pays people to be our educators and teachers. While we cannot pay for referrals, we can reward those who help us educate. When someone learns about Thermography and schedules an appointment, we reward that educational experience.

 The 'reward' for a full body scan is $35.00

The 'reward' for a breast scan is $25.00

With no money out of pocket, a person with a smart phone, tablet or a home computer can use our materials, our information, our website, our videos, to host meetings or contact friends directly and add earn a healthy income.

Employment opportunities:

We have an aggressive growth strategy for Colorado. If you would like a rewarding career as a Thermographer, please contact us. We offer training and credentialling in Basic Thermography.