Thermography Before Mammography

By using safe temperature readings, the processs of Cancer can be seen years before the process becomes a presence - a 'something' seen by a Mammogram - radiation testing. The Thermogram is first - it will tell you when to get a Mammogram or a different test such as MRI, CT or US.

Get a Safe Thermogram First.

Hi I'm Robin Fischer RN.

Breast Cancer is striking more women and earlier in their lives. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in a recent report, announced that the rate of advanced cancer had doubled during the study period. But in the midst of that bad news, we have good news.

I am a nurse and nurse educator by training and by degree. I worked for years caring for patients and teaching others how to care for patients. Serving on the front lines in the battle against Cancer, I have seen it all. Ask me. I will tell you.

What I most want to tell you is that we need a new understanding of Cancer - what it is and how to correct the cause. Cancer is not a disease like other diseases - it is more a cellular behavior. Cancer is how cells act - how they behave - when the normal environment becomes abnormal.

What became so clear to me - as an athlete, as a woman, as a Mom, as a teacher, is that lifestyle determines our health.

How do we know what effect our lifestyle is having on us? How can we know if we are on the highway to long health and productivity or if the choices we are making day in and day out are actually digging our early grave? How can we tell? I learned about this breakthrough in Early Detection using heat, from a guest on my radio show: Rescue Health. (

The guest was Dr. Jeff Prystupa, a doctor who called himself a 'Cancer Prevention Specialist'. We decided to join our efforts in patient education and lifestyle consulting by merging our marketing and our programs. Together we have formed the Thermography Centers of Colorado. We are working hard to bring you the latest and most reliable information on the subjects surrounding Cancer and more important - to help patients understand the critical role they play in changing the conditions that drive Cancer. I invite you to contact me for more information about Thermography, our fund-raising events, our financial opportunities, our plans for expanding to all of Colorado, and anything else that I may provide for you in your walk to self-responsibility and control of your health.


Dr. Jeff Prystupa DC is the founder of Thermography Centers of Colorado. In my words: "I have been searching for an answer to a question that was posed to me thirty years ago by cells I was growing in culture: Why do some cells display Cancerous behavior? You can read that story here, as soon as I post it. But the short trip is that I grew normal cells and I grew cancer cells. When I grew the cells normally, both the cancer cells and the normal cells acted normally. When I grew the cells abnormally, by trying to kill them due to starvation, the normal cells died. When I grew the cancer cells abnormally, they acted abnormally - they lived. What determined the difference between the normal cells and the cancer cells was their response to the 'dead' environment. When the nutrients were gone, the normal cells had nothing to live on - and they died.

When the nutrients were gone in the flasks that housed the cancer cells - the cancer cells shifted gears, re-fired the cell furnaces, re-tuned the cell engines to run on waste - and fired up the anaerobic respiration engines. The Cancer cells chose to eat waste and live - in order to not die. Like that scene in Schindler's list when the boy lowers himself into the latrine in order to escape the search. Cancer is not death - Cancer is life. I have a video presentation that I will post on this subject. (see: Cancer the first time.)

When I learned that we can see the beginning of Cancer because of Angiogenesis, see Cancer at the very start, by monitoring temperature, I trained immediately as a Thermographer. My independent patient practice and my research activities have been forced to make room for the work of educating doctors, patients, and others to the tremendous breakthrough - and healing headstart - that safe Thermography provides.  

We have made important business decisons concerning the marketing of our clinics. We are paying people instead of corporations. Ask about our: Save a Friend From Breast Cancer - Make Money at Home program. We want to financially thank those who help us educate people.

THERMOGRAPHY CENTERS of Colorado is implementing a strategy to build community-based business in Colorado. Our goal is to do business face to face and lessen our reliability on distant corporations and often-conflicting agendas. Please contact us for more information about joining our non-afiliated association of business people - practicing with integrity. THERMOGRAPHY CENTERS of Colorado continuously seeks to develop relationships with independent-thinkers.